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Agra Fort (AF), Agra Railway Station

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Know about different trains that are either starting or have stoppage at Agra Fort station are Af Jp Shatabdi, Bikaner Howrah Superfast, Adi Patna Spl, Aii Bju Spl, Ananya Express, Guwahati Dwarka Express, Ziyarat Express, Agra Super Fast, Ajmer Sealdah Express, Varanasi Okha Express. There are different trains like Af Hw Spl, Af Jp Shatabdi, Af Aii Intercit, Agra Fort Haldighati Passenger, Af Adi Sf Exp etc .that starts from Agra Fort while there are trains like Gorakhpur To Bandra Avadh Express, Kamakhya Gandhidham Express, Ahmedabad azimabad Express, Bandra To Gorakhpur Avadh Express, Cpr Aii Spl, Varanasi Okha Express, Gandhidham b G Kamakhya Express, Aii Bju Spl, Jodhpur Varanasi marudhar Express, Bikaner Howrah Superfast arrives at 04:00, 00:25, 13:25, 21:45, 12:45, 09:35, 13:25, 10:05, 20:30, 05:50 time respectively. There are trains which ends at Agra Fort like Agra Super Fast, Jp Af Shatabdi, Ratlam haldighati Passenger, Aii Af Intercit, Hw Af Spl etc or some trains like Ajmer Sealdah Express, Patna azimabad Express, Bhavnagar asansol Express, Bandra To Muzaffarnagar Avadh Express, Varanasi marudhar Express, Howrah udyan Abhatoofan Express, Agra Fort Haldighati Passenger, Okha Guwahati Express, Bikaner guwahati Express, Shri Ganganagar Udyan Abhatoofan Express etc which departs at Agra Fort station on 19:45, 12:30, 15:50, 21:55, 06:35, 14:25, 19:00, 13:30, 13:30, 13:07 time. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Ju Hwh Supfast, Agra Fort Haldighati Passenger, Aii Af Intercit, Af Aii Intercit, Hwh Ju Express, Howrah udyan Abhatoofan Express, Shri Ganganagar Udyan Abhatoofan Express, Bikaner Howrah Superfast, Ratlam haldighati Passenger, Sealdah Ajmer Express etc or some weekly trains like Agra Super Fast, Adi Patna Spl, Gorakhpur To Bandra Avadh Express, Ziyarat Express, Aii Bju Spl, Pnbe Adi Specia, Patna azimabad Express, Af Adi Sf Exp, Ahmedabad azimabad Express, Okha Varanasi Express and etc.