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Want to travel from Chennai to Satur)? Know about the trains running on this route. Some of the trains that run on this route are Nagercoil Exp, Nellai Express, Tirunelveli Exp, Kanyakumari Exp, Tiruchendur Exp, Thirukkural Exp, Ms Ncj Express, Pearl City Exp and etc. You can board your train from different stations such as Chennai Egmore, Chennai Central. The duration of the journey varies from 13 hrs 43 mins to 9 hours 28 mins. You can book your tickets for trains that run daily such as Nellai Express, Pearl City Exp, Kanyakumari Exp, Chennai Egmore Anantapuri Express, Tiruchendur Exp, Chennai Egmore Guruvayur Express or trains that run weekly like Nagercoil Exp, Nagercoil Exp, Ms Ncj Express, Kannyakumari Ex, Tirunelveli Exp, Ncj Garibrath, Thirukkural Exp, Tuticorin Exp and etc. There are different pick up points in Mumbai. These include Chennai Egmore( like Kannyakumari Ex, Nagercoil Exp, Nellai Express, Ms Ncj Express, Chennai Egmore Anantapuri Express, Chennai Egmore Guruvayur Express, Nagercoil Exp, Tiruchendur Exp, Kanyakumari Exp, Pearl City Exp ), Chennai Central( like Tuticorin Exp, Tirunelveli Exp, Nagercoil Exp, Ncj Garibrath ).