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If you’re planning to travel from Delhi to Deoband , here’s a list of trains that you can choose from! Some of the trains that run on this route are New Delhi Jalandhar City Express, Delhi Shalimar Express, Indore Amritsar Express, Haridwar Mail, Puri Utkal Express, Ddn Janshtbdi, Okha Uttaranchal Express, Bilaspur chattisgarh Express, Ujjain express, Indore dehradun Express and etc. The train departs from stations H Nizamuddin, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi, Tuglakabad. The train starts from various stations in Delhi like Here’s another way to choose your train - according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 6 hrs 24 mins to 2 hours 18 mins. Choose your train according to your suitability from trains that run on daily basis like Delhi Shalimar Express, Bandra Terminus Dehradun Express, Puri Utkal Express, Haridwar Mail, Bilaspur chattisgarh Express, Ddn Janshtbdi, New Delhi Jalandhar City Express and trains that run sporadically like Indore dehradun Express, Okha Uttaranchal Express, Indore Amritsar Express, Chhindwara panchvalley Passenger, Ujjain express etc. There are different pick up points in Mumbai. These include Delhi Cantt( like Haridwar Mail, Okha Uttaranchal Express ), Tuglakabad( like Bandra Terminus Dehradun Express ), H Nizamuddin( like Indore dehradun Express, Indore Amritsar Express, Ujjain express, Bilaspur chattisgarh Express, Puri Utkal Express, Chhindwara panchvalley Passenger ), New Delhi( like Ddn Janshtbdi, New Delhi Jalandhar City Express ), Delhi( like Delhi Shalimar Express ).