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PNR Enquiry


Commonly known as PNR, the Indian Railway Passenger Name Record, is a 10-digit number that provides detailed travel information to the ticket-holders. PNR status not only includes basic information such as arrival and departure time, but also information such as the booking status -- whether the booking has been confirmed, whether it is on the waiting list (WL) or it is under Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). On top of these, The IRCTC PNR status also provides details of the coach, seat number and the train fare.

With the presence of Traingo, one of the most well-known online railway enquiry and booking platform you don’t have to call the Railway Enquiry at 139 and keep waiting for a reply or visit irctc.co.in to check the status, as now tracking your online PNR status enquiry gets easier and faster. Traingo search will help you find out the accurate IRCTC PNR status of your train anytime anywhere.

Some might say, they'd get all these information on their ticket, why bother? PNR helps passengers keep track of live train status easily. It also helps transit authorities to maintain data and reduce confusions in seat availability and booking.

How PNR status work?

Centre of Railway Information Systems maintain a database of all passenger information. The system produces a unique 10-digit PNR number each time a person books a railway ticket, be it offline or online. Passenger can check all relevant information about his/her journey with this unique PNR number.

How to check PNR status?

Checking IRCTC PNR status has been made very easy with Traingo.

Just enter your PNR number on the search box

Then you'll see all the detailed information about your journey.

You get a new PNR number each time you book a new ticket. You'll find the PNR number on the top-left corner of the actual train ticket. On an eletronic ticket, however, the PNR number will be printed on the top half of the page.

Advantages of PNR

PNR gives passengers clarity on confirmation status, whether the ticket is on General Waiting List, or Tatkal Waiting List etc.

Passengers can check train route, exact arrival time and current running status of the train with PNR.

Don’t waste time and stress yourself out by queueing up at the booking counter or logging on to the super busy Indian Railway website. Start using Traingo for easy and fast railway reservation, as well as PNR status. You can easily receive PNR status alert via SMS.