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Traingo provides the latest and most updated timetable of Indian Railways network trains. Travelllers can check seat availability, PNR status, running status and train between stations  on our site.

Traingo's data is sourced directly from IRCTC. We provide information regarding all types of trains run by Indian Railways, including reserved trains and non-reserved trains. Traingo’s train enquiry system provides combined list of all the trains which is departing from or arriving at two particular stations.

How to check train between stations?

Firstly: Enter the names of the two stations in the search boxes.

Secondly: Choose the correct name and code of the stations from the drop-down menu

Third: Click on ‘Find Trains’ to get complete information

You can also plan your return trip easily

Just click on ‘Return’ and Traingo will provide you with all necessary information to plan your return journey

It gives you option to select your journey date, class and type of train you wish to travel.Number and name of trains running between the two stations with name and seat availability details. Scheduled Time of Departure and Arrival. Days of running (Weekly schedule). Travel Class such as Sleeper or AC or Chair Car and so on. When you select your particular train, it gives you information of its complete route with timings and also its live running status.